The Religious Authority Holds The Govt the Responsibility For The Bloodshed And Demands An Investigation Into What Happened In The Demonstrations/ More

The Religious Authority Holds The Govt the Responsibility For The Bloodshed And Demands An Investigation Into What Happened In The Demonstrations/ More

BAGHDAD (NINA) - The supreme religious authority confirmed its solidarity with the Iraqi people and has no interest with any party in the state, calling the government to conduct an urgent investigation into the attacks on the demonstrators and security forces as well as the media and announce the results within two weeks .

The representative of the religious authority, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai in Friday sermon from Karbala said: "In the sermon last Friday, the religious authority condemned and rejected the attacks on peaceful demonstrators and several members of the security forces, during the protests in the country last week, and also condemned the burning and destruction of some government institutions and private property in those demonstrations, and expressed the hope that everyone is aware of the serious repercussions of the use of violence and counter-violence in the ongoing protest in the country, which should be avoided in any case.

He added, "but what happened in the following days is the unprecedented escalation of violence and the targeting of numbers of demonstrators by shooting them, and the outrageous attacks on some media to prevent them from transferring what is happening in the yards of demonstrations.

He added that "while the official authorities announced that they have issued strict orders to prevent the security forces from firing live on the demonstrators, thousands of them fell between a martyr and wounded in Baghdad, Nasiriya, Diwaniya and others, through direct targeting them by firearms in front of many, in horrible scenes of extreme cruelty beyond imagination and exceeded all limits. "

He explained that "The government and its security services are responsible for the heavy bloodshed that has been shed in the demonstrations of the past days, whether by innocent citizens or security elements charged with dealing with them, and it cannot shirk this responsibility, and it is responsible when some elements of security forces using excessive violence against demonstrators, whether because they are not disciplined, obeyed by their orders or are not qualified and trained to deal with popular protests so as to avoid casualties among the participants. They are responsible when armed outlaws, under the watchful eye of the security forces, targeting demonstrators and kill them, and infringe on certain media in order to terrifying employees. "

He added, "The government is responsible when its security personnel do not protect citizens, government institutions and private property from attacks by a few of the sneaking demonstrators who did not want these demonstrations to remain peaceful and free from violence."
He explained that "The religious authority, strongly condemning the shedding of innocent blood and grave attacks in various forms, and expressing its sympathy with the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and affirms its solidarity with the legitimate demands of peaceful demonstrators, as it explained in the demonstrations of previous years as well, and strongly demand the government and the judiciary to conduct a credible investigation into all that took place in the demonstration yards, and then disclose to the public opinion the elements that ordered or started shooting at demonstrators or others, and should not hesitate to prosecute, arrest and bring to justice whatever their affiliations and locations. This must be done within a specified period, such as two weeks, and should not procrastinate as was in the announcement of the results of the investigative committees in previous cases.

He stressed: "This is the most important and urgent measure at the present time, which reveals the seriousness of the government and sincerity of its intention to take wide steps for real reform.

He pointed out: "The supreme religious authority has no interest or special relationship with any party in power, and does not take sides only to the people and defend only their interests, and confirms what it declared in April 2006 when the government formed after the first elections to the House of Representatives that it ( Has not and will not side any one in what affects the public interests of the Iraqi people, it monitors the performance of the government and indicates the imbalances in it when necessary, and its voice will remain the voices of the oppressed and deprived people wherever they are without a distinction between their affiliations and their sects and ethnicities./ End

الثلاثاء 17 , أيار 2022

المقاهي الشعبية في العمارة ..صراع من اجل البقاء بسلاح الاصالة امام مغريات الحداثة

العمارة / نينا / تقرير سمير السعد : مازالت المقاهي الشعبية القديمة في مدينة العمارة تصارع من اجل البقاء ، رغم تقادم عمرها وطابعها التراثي البسيط ،ورغم انتشار المقاهي التي تتسم بطابع الحداثة والمغريات التي تقدمها وزيادة الاقبال عليها. اتسام مقاهي العمارة القديمة بطابعها التقليدي لم يحل دون جم

نقابة الصحفيين العراقيين تدعو أعضاءها لمراجعة النقابة لغرض تحديث المعلومات الخاصة بمنحة الصحفيين

بغداد/نينا/ دعت نقابة الصحفيين العراقيين أعضاءها لمراجعة النقابة لغرض تحديث المعلومات الخاصة بمنحة الصحفيين . وأكدت النقابة اهمية اعتماد الدقة في المعلومات ورفق نسخة من هوية النقابة المجددة مع الاستمارة مشيرة الى ان المراجعة تبدأ اعتبارا من بعد غد الاثنين 16/5/2022./انتهى7

سعد فياض : ادارة قناة الجزيرة التي عملت الشهيدة ابو عاقلة مراسلة لها في فلسطين المحتلة مدعوة لتكون اول المبادرين لرفض التطبيع مع الكيان الغاصب عبر مقاطعة ممثليه

بغداد/نينا/اكد سعد فياض موزان مدير عام معهد التطوير النيابي في مجلس النواب ، على اهمية وقف التطبيع الاعلامي مع الكيان الصهيوني الغاصب عبر مقاطعة القنوات الفضائية العربية للمحللين او الناطقين باسم الاحتلال وعدم استضافتهم لتبرير جرائمه من خلال اللجوء الى التضليل وتزييف الحقائق. ودعا مدير عام المع