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Source: Baghdad ISX
Jordan and Iraq relations . 18/12/2014 13:37:00

Amman / Nina /-- Jordanian Prime Minister Dr. Abdullah Alinsor begun on Thursday an official visit to Iraq which last one day at the head of a ministerial delegation. Alinsor would meet, according to an official sources in Baghdad hold talks with   ... more>>

Turkish Foreign Minister: We Confiscate 80 Millions Of (IS) Smuggling Oil 18/12/2014 11:17:00

Baghdad / NINA / Turkish Foreign Minister, Maolood JawoochOglu announced that Turkey seized / 80 / million liters of oil coming from the wells controlled by the terrorist organization (IS) which is the main source of financing extremists. He said   ... more>>

Biden, Barzani Discuss Security Developments In Iraq 18/12/2014 10:59:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / US Vice President, Joe Biden, in a telephone conversation, discussed with President of Iraqi Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, security developments in Iraq. According to a White House statement cited that "the two sides stressed the im   ... more>>

Jordanian Prime Minister Arrives In Baghdad 18/12/2014 10:57:00

BAGHDAD / NINA/ Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Nesoor arrived in Baghdad on Thursday 18, Dec at the head of a government delegation. Al-Nesoor will hold talks with Iraqi officials on bilateral relations, security and economic cooperation, "   ... more>>

Deputy Prime Minister Meets Egyptian Foreign Minister 18/12/2014 10:21:00
Australian PM Arrives To Baghdad On Saturday 18/12/2014 09:44:00
Abdullah II of Jordan confirms support tribes in Iraq and Syria to fight the (IS) organization 18/12/2014 09:20:00
German Sends 100 Troops To Train Iraqi Forces 18/12/2014 09:12:00
Zebari discusses with the ambassadors of Italy, Russia, Tunisia and the French charge d' affaires the political, economic and security situation in the country 17/12/2014 23:00:00
Zebari confirms to the Egyptian Foreign Minister Iraq's desire to activate economic relations with Cairo 17/12/2014 21:50:00
Parliamentary source: Saleem al-Jubouri meets Jordanian Prime Minister on Thursday 17/12/2014 21:40:00
Abadi to the Egyptian Foreign Minister: The countries of the region should cooperate in order to avoid the threat posed by the IS gangs 17/12/2014 20:26:00
Shukri , Jaafari, told , news conference. 17/12/2014 16:55:00
Minister of Human Rights discusses with a British delegation women's rights conditions in Iraq. 17/12/2014 16:54:00
Jordan and Iraq relations . 17/12/2014 16:13:00
Jubouri and Rafsanjani affirm the need to strengthen joint regional cooperation. 17/12/2014 15:21:00
Iraq and Jordan economic cooperation. 17/12/2014 14:25:00
Anbar government aspire increasingly on Arbil conference to save cities under Daash domination. 17/12/2014 14:10:00
Egyptian Foreign Minister Arrives In Baghdad 17/12/2014 10:28:00
Barzani Discusses With a US Congress Delegation, The Situation In Iraq And The Region 17/12/2014 09:06:00
House Speaker's Advisor: Jubouri told Iran That (IS) Does Not Represent Sunnis 17/12/2014 08:29:00
Al-Jubouri from Tehran: The causes of terrorism, oppression and injustice and marginalization need first treatment than combating them 16/12/2014 23:06:00
Egyptian Foreign Minister visits Baghdad on Wednesday 16/12/2014 22:31:00
Salim al-Jubouri discusses with his Iranian counterpart the latest developments in the region 16/12/2014 19:50:00
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19/12/2014 13:52:00

Clashes between / Daash / and an armed group in northeast of Fallujah.

19/12/2014 13:49:00

The destruction of two vehicles north of Baghdad.

19/12/2014 10:55:00

Police detonate a tanker bomb near Samarra.

19/12/2014 10:48:00

Dempsey announces the death of / 3 / senior leaders of Daash.

19/12/2014 10:44:00

Iraq and Romania, relations.

19/12/2014 10:42:00

Mutlaq, Alnisor , meeting.

19/12/2014 10:31:00

Abadi discusses with Obama the military operations against / Daash. /

18/12/2014 22:48:00

Larijani visits Syria, Lebanon and Iraq next week

18/12/2014 21:46:00

Barzani: Peshmerga liberated all Zammar areas till Sinjar Mount

18/12/2014 21:02:00

International Coalition confirms that the IS faces great difficulties in communication and delivery of supplies

18/12/2014 20:53:00

Peshmerga liberated three villages northwest of Mosul

18/12/2014 20:42:00

A number of terrorists killed, 5 IEDs found and a booby-trapped house detonated in the operations sectors

18/12/2014 20:26:00

Allawi and al-Nusour confirm the need for clear and effective strategy in the war against the IS

18/12/2014 20:09:00

Osama Nujaifi from Erbil: confronting terrorism will not be only through the military effort but through intellectual confrontation

18/12/2014 19:59:00

Al-Jubouri calls during a meeting with the Al-Nusour to activate the Arab initiative law for the prevention of terrorism

18/12/2014 19:38:00

Culture Minister Meets his Egyptian counterpart to agree on the reopening of the Iraqi Cultural Center in Cairo

18/12/2014 18:32:00

Maliki meets Jordanian Prime Minister

18/12/2014 18:28:00

Army Chief of Staff discusses with the parliamentary Commission of Security and Defense the army needs

18/12/2014 18:17:00

Defense Ministry: / 4/ boats used by the IS in its terrorist operations damaged

18/12/2014 18:09:00

The IS Organization attacks Haditha District of two axes

18/12/2014 18:00:00

Abadi: Cash problem in Iraq will be for 2015 and part of 2016

18/12/2014 16:14:00

Iraq and Jordan agreement on the exchange of convicted.

18/12/2014 16:04:00

Alinsor : Jordan's relations with Iraq, not with a particular regime.

18/12/2014 15:29:00

Iraq and Romania, relations.

18/12/2014 15:28:00

Anbar government aspire increasingly on Arbil conference to save cities under Daash domination.

18/12/2014 15:26:00

Minister of Human Rights discusses with a British delegation women's rights conditions in Iraq.

18/12/2014 14:50:00

Four elements of Daash killed in northeast Baquba.

18/12/2014 14:20:00

Abadi and Alinsor , meeting.

18/12/2014 14:09:00

Kuwait and Iraq, Debts.

18/12/2014 13:53:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Thursday's session.