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Source: Baghdad ISX
Diyala governor's house destroyed, no causalities
15/09/2013 09:48:00

Baquba / NINA / Diyala province administration announced that the governor's house, Omar al-Humairi was targeted by improvised explosive device northwest of Baquba.

The spokesman of the governorate, Turath al-Azzawi told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / Unidentified gunmen have blown up the governor's house in a late hour last night in the Hadid area northwest of Baquba, after planting a number of improvised explosive devices in its surroundings, damaging large parts of the home without casualties.

He added that the governor and his family were not present in the house when the explosion occurred, pointed out that a police force rushed to impose a security cordon in the area and began raids and searches campaign in search of the perpetrators. / End

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