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BREAKING NEWS Chalabi, Araji joint Iraqiya's urgent meeting
20/12/2012 22:13:00

Baghdad (NINA) – NINA learnt that the Leader of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), Ahmed al-Chalabi, and Leader of Ahrar Parliamentary bloc, Baha' al-Araji, have joint the urgent meeting Iraqiya slate is holding, at the residence of Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, in response toarresting 12 members of the protection force of Iraqiya official Rafi al-Essawi, including the head of his office.

Lawmaker from Iraqiya, Hameed al-Zuba'e, told NINA that the Leader of the National Congress and the Leader of Ahrar Parliamentary bloc expressed solidarity with Iraqiya slate, in joining the meeting and condemning the raiding Essawi's office in the Green Zone by the Baghdad Brigade force, that follows the orders of Prime Minster Nuri al-Maliki, arresting 12 of his guardsmen, including the head of his office, while Essawi was inside his office. / End.

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