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Source: Baghdad ISX
Two electricity engineers kidnapped in Samara.
20/12/2012 11:03:00

Tikrit / NINA / Unidentified gunmen kidnapped today, 20, Dec two engineers in the district of Samarra, south of Tikrit.

A police source in Salahuddin province told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "unknown gunmen, riding in a modern car, intercepted today, 20, Dec a car belonging to the Samarra's Department of Electricity, where the engineers traveling by, in the Mamlah area, of Samarra, north of Tikrit, forced them to get out of the car at gunpoint and took them with the car to an unknown destination. "

He added that "the security force carried out a raid and search operations to arrest the kidnappers." / End

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Peshmerga were advancing towards the city of Sinjar from three axes A Police Source: Two Katyusha rockets fell into the Green Zone
Breaking News .... A mortar shell fell in the Green Zone without losses Four civilians injured by a roadside bomb in central Baghdad
Al-Obeidi emphasizes the need that the fighters derive from loyalty to the homeland the determination to fight terrorism with high accuracy and mettle A security source in Diyala: The IS organization controls a number of villages east of Baquba
/4 / Villages near al-Baghdadi western Anbar Six civilians, including a woman, killed and wounded in the fall of mortar shells northeast of Baquba
The IS elements executed / 5 / hijacked Yazidi women whose bodies were handed over to the forensic medicine in Mosul One of the Dulaimi tribe leaders killed in an armed attack northeast of Baquba
Defense Minister to a US Senator: The International support for Iraq in its war against terrorism contributed a lot in raising the capabilities of the armed forces International coalition aircraft destroyed a bridge near al-Baghdadi western Anbar
Peshmerga enter Sinjar district. Peshmerga forces carry out a major offensive to liberate the border between Iraq and Syria.
Senior Officer Killed in Clashes In Western Anbar Peshmerga Source: We Are Advancing To Liberate Rabia Border Villages In Mosul
Peshmerga forces Control Snoni Area In Sinjar Fully Helicopter Kills Three Militants, Northeast Of Baquba
12 Terrorists Killed In Anbar 34 Elements of (IS) Killed in Clashes North of Tikrit
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