Abdul-Mahdi Describes Who Carries Out Banditry And Burning .. Outlaws

Abdul-Mahdi Describes Who Carries Out Banditry And Burning .. Outlaws

BAGHDAD (NINA) - Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that those who carry out banditry and arson are the outlaws.

He said in a statement on the occasion of a month since the popular demonstrations started: a month has passed since the outbreak of popular demonstrations, which pervaded the provinces of Iraq, especially Baghdad and southern ones. The people expressed their opinion clearly in their political and electoral system and in the performance of the government and the required reforms, whether political, human rights or service.

He added: "The demonstrations were accompanied by joyful and happy images of the and comfort of the Iraqis. The demonstrations turned into popular festivals where security forces and demonstrators joined forces in a wonderful unity and cooperation to preserve the popularity and peaceful nature of the demonstrations."

He explained that: the images are disturbed by only two things, the first continued the casualties on both sides, although in numbers less than the first ten days, but every drop of blood is expensive and painful and must be stopped. The second continued exposure of numbers of outlaws to the security forces seeking to protect the demonstrators and public and private interests in the country.

"These groups have nothing to do with the demonstrations but take them cover and use them as human shields for banditry, arson, looting and clashes with security forces, using Molotov cocktails, catapults and even grenades, firearms, knives and others," Mahdi said. Indicating: “We commissioned an investigative committee headed by the Minister of Health and government and non-governmental bodies to investigate the types of equipment used by the security forces when defending their positions, especially tear bombs, where instructions remain strict not to use live bullets or any lethal weapons.

He stressed that the security forces do not carry out any acts of aggression or attack, but stand defense against attacks by outlaws, whether to break into the barriers of security forces in the Jomhouriya and Sinak bridges and others, or in the attack on the headquarters and government and civil interests in Baghdad and the provinces. The security forces have called on many demonstrators, activists and organizations to come to the security forces to see the size of the attacks and methods and acts of violence by outlaws.

Abdul-Mahdi said: The demonstrations have achieved many of their purposes and prompted the three authorities to review their positions. There was widespread political mobility, and numerous resolutions were passed to meet many of the demands made by the demonstrators.
Demonstrations have received great popular, civic and trade union support, and the political system has been rocked to be one of the most important events that demonstrate prove freedoms are responsibilities. It is the basic tool for the people to evaluate their rulers, express their opinion and realize their just demands. Therefore, the supreme religious authority defended peaceful demonstrations.

He continued: We must continue to protect and support peaceful demonstrations and distinguish between them and the outlaws. I met with a large number of demonstrators and thanked them for their pressure and the importance of renouncing violence for the success of the reformist demands and the continued peaceful popular pressure on the government and political forces to be able to succeed against the system of quotas and special privileges and corruption so as to overcome the obstructionist approach that delays the achievement of the demands.

Abdul-Mahdi addressed the generous people by saying: It has been a month in which interests, schools, universities and a major part of public life have been disrupted. It is time for life to return to normal. To open all markets, interests, laboratories, schools and universities. Demonstrations and other legal practices of expression without affecting public and private life and interests are up to you. Your presence in the fields and your expression of opinion support us in presenting and implementing reforms, which is one of the most important factors of reform and pressure, if it took place peacefully and legally.

Abdul-Mahdi said: We have reduced the curfew hours. What is most important for the government is the return of normal life, while ensuring the protection of the rights of citizens, including the right to peaceful demonstration in the places allocated and to prevent acts of burning and aggression, no matter what./ End

السبت 11 , تموز 2020

وفاة النائبة غيداء كمبش بعد اصابتها بفايروس كورونا

بغداد / نينا / اعلن اليوم عن وفاة النائبة غيداء كمبش بعد اصابتها بفايروس كورونا وصراعها معه لمدة اسبوعين ./ انتهى2

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وزارة الصحة تصدر ضوابط السفر للعراقيين من والى العراق

بغداد/نينا/ اصدرت وزارة الصحة ضوابط السفر للعراقيين من والى العراق. وتضمنت الضوابط ، حسب وثيقة صادرة عن الوزارة ، فحص جميع الوافدين سريريا والفحص السريع في حالة عدم وجود اعراض .. كما تضمنت انه في حالة وجود اعراض الفايروس او كانت نتيجة الفحص موجبة تتم الاحالة الى المستشفى المعني . ويتم السماح