Abdul Mahdi meets his Palestinian counterpart

Abdul Mahdi meets his Palestinian counterpart

BAGHDAD / NINA /- Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi received Prime Minister of the State of Palestine Mohammad Ashteh and his accompanying delegation.

The Prime Minister and his Palestinian counterpart held a bilateral meeting at the government palace to discuss the prospects for cooperation between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples.

The Prime Minister reiterated Iraq's position in support of the rights of the Palestinian people by saying: "Iraq's position on Palestine is clear. It is a national duty. Palestine is in our hearts. We have been raised to love and defend it. Our present and our future are shared. We are confident of victory and appreciate the sacrifices of the Palestinians in the face of the last forms of colonialism.

"We are meeting today to discuss cooperation in the economic, financial and investment fields, and we look forward to this visit and discussions between the Ministers from both sides leading to practical solutions that will take place on the ground and move from political issues to the demands of our two peoples," he said.

For his part, the Prime Minister of Palestine expressed great thanks and appreciation for the reception he received and the accompanying delegation. He also conveyed the greetings of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He also directed the Prime Minister an official invitation to visit Palestine. He said: "We look forward to achieving them as a historic visit and a mission that will bring joy to our hearts.

"Iraq is dear to every Palestinian and congratulates you on your efforts, your wisdom, your foreign and regional policies, the status of Iraq's advancement and the preservation of Iraq's political diversity and social fabric."

The Palestinian Prime Minister reviewed opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in the economic, trade and agricultural fields.

He praised Iraq's support for Palestine and the sacrifices of the Iraqi people in defense of the Palestinian cause. He presented the Iraqi government's document of the Iraqi martyrs' cemetery in Nablus as an expression of pride in these positions and sacrifices.

At the end of the talks, the Prime Ministers presented a press briefing on the progress of the talks and the relations of cooperation between the two countries./ End

السبت 22 , شباط 2020

شمول 2600 عائلة عائدة باطلاق صرف الوجبة الخامسة من منحة العودة 

بغداد / نينا / اطلقت وزارة الهجرة والمهجرين اليوم الوجبة الخامسة من المشمولين بمنحة العودة من النزوح الطارئ والبالغة مليون ونصف المليون دينار لكل عائلة عائدة . وقالت مدير عام دائرة المعلومات والبحوث في الوزارة ايمان ناجي هندي في بيان ان: الوزارة باشـرت اطــلاق صرف الوجبة الخامسة من المشمولين بمن

الحشد يداهم ويفتش قريتين في قضاء خانقين بديالى

بغداد/نينا/ نفذ اللواء 23 بالحشد الشعبي عملية دهم وتفتيش في قريتين بقضاء خانقين بديالى . وذكر بيان لاعلام الحشد اليوم , ان لواء 23 بالحشد الشعبي نفذ عملية دهم وتفتيش في قريتي بختياري وتازة بقضاء خانقين "./انتهى2

محمد علاوي يوجـه كلمة الى الشعب العراقي حول تشكيل الحكومـة

بغداد / نينا / يوجـه رئيس مجلس الوزراء المكلف محمد علاوي ، كلمة الى الشعب العراقي ، مساء اليوم ، حول تشكيل الحكومة ./انتهى5