Turkish Ambassador: Erdogan Will Visit Baghdad At The End Of This Year

Turkish Ambassador: Erdogan Will Visit Baghdad At The End Of This Year

BAGHDAD / NINA /- Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad Fatih Yildiz announced the date of the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Baghdad at the end of this year and the various projects will be implemented by Turkish companies in a number of provinces.

Yildiz said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the current year has seen a positive development in the Turkish-Iraqi relations, reflected in the visit of President Barham Saleh to Turkey followed by the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Ankara, in return for the visit of Turkish Prime Minister to Baghdad, which was at the end of April, pointing out that Iraq currently needs reconstruction and infrastructure, and this is what Turkey is working and contribute to .

Yildiz said that the visit of the Turkish president to Baghdad at the end of this year will see the laying of the foundation stone for a project or two large projects, and other smaller ones, including the establishment of a new port between Iraq and Turkey to increase the volume of trade exchange with the establishment of a road from the new port to Baghdad, in Mosul, the reconstruction of Mosul airport, the construction of a new road network to the port of Faw in Basra, as well as a number of projects for water and dams.

He noted that the Turkish president had previously appointed a representative for water, and he has a special study of this area in Iraq and will discuss during his visit to Iraq with the officials on the water file in Iraq, joint cooperation and projects that could be implemented by Turkey and its companies in Iraq.

On the presence of the PKK organization in northern Iraq and the military cooperation between Iraq and Turkey, Yildiz said, "The members of the PKK organization are carrying out terrorist operations against the Turkish forces and Turkish citizens inside Turkey. The members of the organization are moving in Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

He stressed that Iraq and Turkey are among the countries that suffer the terrorism of the PKK, therefore should be an example of the military cooperation of other countries to resolve this issue. "

He pointed out that a meeting was held last week at the level of foreign ministers, defense and intelligence managers between Iraq and Turkey, and the focus was on combating terrorism in general and military cooperation between the two countries in particular. Iraq expressed during the meetings its concern about the situation of Bashiqa, but the Turkish side expressed its understanding on this matter and expressed its cooperation in opening new horizons for joint military cooperation to end this file. "/ End

الأحد 22 , أيلول 2019

مصدر طبي :ارتفاع عدد ضحايا تفجير كربلاء الى ١١ شهيدا وجريحا من بينهم /6/ اشخاص من عائلة واحدة

بغداد / نينا/ ارتفع عدد ضحايا انفجار عبوة ناسفة داخل عجلة في احدى مداخل محافظة كربلاء الى ١١ شهيدا وجريحا . وقال مصدر طبي في تصريح صحفي :ان الحصيلة النهائية للانفجار هو استشهاد ستة اشخاص من عائلة واحدة و خمسة اخرين في حالة خطرة./انتهى9

صالح وبارزاني يؤكدان اهمية مواصلة الحوار بين أربيل وبغداد

بغداد/ نينا/ أكد رئيسا الجمهورية برهم صالح و الحزب الديمقراطي الكردستاني مسعود بارزاني، اهمية مواصلة حوار أربيل – بغداد لغرض التوصل إلى حلول للمشاكل العالقة بين الجانبين. وذكر مكتب بارزاني في بيان" ان الجانبين تبادلا وجهات النظر حول آخر التطورات السياسية على مستوى العراق والمنطقة"، مضيفاً أنه "ت

برهم صالح ونيجيرفان البارزاني يؤكدان اهمية توطيد العلاقات بين أربيل وبغداد ومواصلة الحوار لحل المشاكل

بغداد/نينا/ أكد رئيس الجمهورية برهم صالح ورئيس إقليم كردستان، نيجيرفان البارزاني اهمية "توطيد علاقات بين أربيل – بغداد ومواصلة الحوار لحل المشاكل على أساس الدستور". وذكر بيان صادر عن رئاسة إقليم كردستان بأن "برهم صالح رئيس الجمهورية ونيجيرفان البارزاني، رئيس إقليم كردستان، عقدا اجتماعا مساء ام