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Source: Baghdad ISX
17 Bodies Of (IS) Fighters Found Near Zummar, West of Mosul 27/11/2014 12:23:00

Mosul / NINA / The forensic medicine center in Mosul received 17 bodies belonging to terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) near Zummar , west of Mosul. A source in the forensic medicine told the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA /: "The forensic m   ... more>>

Unidentified Body Found Northwest Of Baghdad 27/11/2014 11:42:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The security services found unidentified body on Thursday 27, Nov northwest of Baghdad. A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The body that was found dumped in an area of freedom, northwest of Baghdad, r   ... more>>

The IS arrested / 10 / officers of the Ministry of Interior south of Mosul 26/11/2014 23:18:00

Mosul / NINA / The IS arrested on Wednesday dozen officers of the Ministry of the Interior in areas south of Mosul. A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the IS elements arrested ten police officers specialized in re   ... more>>

Peshmerga liberated Hamrin Mountains of the IS control 26/11/2014 23:06:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / Commander of the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces in Qara Tapa Major General Mardan Jaoshin announced on Wednesday the liberation of several villages in Tabj area, and the Hamrin mountain has become under the control of the Peshmerga force   ... more>>

A civilian wounded by a roadside bomb south of Baghdad 26/11/2014 22:37:00
International coalition aircraft launched 17 air strikes in Iraq and Syria 26/11/2014 21:53:00
Baghdad Operations Announces Complete cleansing of kilos areas West Latifiya 26/11/2014 21:23:00
The IS blocked the road between Kirkuk and the provinces of Anbar, Salah al-Din and Nineveh 26/11/2014 21:13:00
Peshmerga forces restored the village of Tel al-Ward in Kirkuk from the IS control 26/11/2014 20:15:00
/ 15 / Villages in Qara Tapa, northeast of Baquba liberated from the IS control 26/11/2014 20:02:00
Federal Police and the popular mobilization Launch an attack of three axes on the IS headquarters in Hamrin Lake 26/11/2014 19:42:00
/115/ Elements of the IS killed and wounded in clashes in areas south and west of Kirkuk 26/11/2014 18:25:00
A plant for the manufacture of explosive devices seized in Dowailiba area west of Baghdad 26/11/2014 18:08:00
Breaking News .. Wali of Rawah and 4 of his aides killed by bombing of the international coalition 26/11/2014 17:56:00
Unidentified Gunmen Kill (the Wali) Of The Left Coast Of Mosul 26/11/2014 15:05:00
8 (IS) Fighters Killed, Five Villages Freed in Northeast Of Baquba 26/11/2014 14:59:00
International Coalition Aircraft Hit Terrorists' Sites in Western Anbar 26/11/2014 13:26:00
Army Force, Backed by Tribesmen, Free A Strategic Road In Hit, Western Anbar 26/11/2014 12:24:00
Peshmerga Foil Two Attack of (IS) in Zummar and Mosul Dam 26/11/2014 12:17:00
Peshmerga Foils An Attack to (IS) South of Kirkuk 26/11/2014 11:54:00
Gunmen Kill A Civilian Southern Baghdad 26/11/2014 10:55:00
International Coalition Aircraft Bomb Dens of (IS), South of Kirkuk 26/11/2014 10:12:00
The IS elements blew up a shrine south of Kirkuk 25/11/2014 22:49:00
A security source: The withdrawal of Albu Alwan fighters of battles behind the IS progress towards 25/11/2014 22:19:00
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28/11/2014 16:26:00

Terrorist Attack On Ramadi

28/11/2014 15:25:00

Security Forces Impose Ban In Ramadi

28/11/2014 15:20:00

Ayad Allawi In Najaf

28/11/2014 14:35:00

Nine Terrorists Killed in Clashes With Security Forces in Baiji

28/11/2014 14:06:00

Ten Civilians Killed, Injured in North Of Baghdad

28/11/2014 13:28:00

Niazi Oglu: The Arrive of 2015 Budget to Parliament Is Imminent, No holiday Before Approval

28/11/2014 13:06:00

Security Forces Find a Field Hospital for (ISIS) ,Northeast Of Baquba

28/11/2014 12:58:00

Barzani: ISIS Poses a Global Not Just For Kurdistan

28/11/2014 11:36:00

Foreign Ministers of the International Alliance against the IS hold a meeting in Brussels next Wednesday

28/11/2014 11:23:00

Al-Jaafari reviews with the Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic bilateral relations

27/11/2014 22:55:00

Liberating the main road that connects the city of Ramadi with its eastern regions

27/11/2014 22:36:00

Armed clashes broke out between the army and the IS in central Ramadi

27/11/2014 22:29:00

The international coalition directed Air strikes against the IS strongholds in Anbar University

27/11/2014 22:14:00

/8/ Elements of the security forces and tribes killed and wounded in detonating a booby-trapped house east of Ramadi

27/11/2014 21:59:00

Three civilians wounded in the fall of a mortar shell on a shop the sale of construction materials east of Ramadi

27/11/2014 21:29:00

Five thieves arrested, a stolen civilian car seized in Ghazaliya

27/11/2014 21:17:00

/45/ terrorists killed, 175 explosive devices dismantled near Hit

27/11/2014 19:52:00

Two dens for the terrorists destroyed and killing those in them, a hijacked freed, two vehicles destroyed and seizing weapons and munitions in Baghdad

27/11/2014 19:37:00

An Amir of the IS and three of his aides killed in a quality operation northeast of Baquba

27/11/2014 19:17:00

Abadi: We seek to establish strategic relations with all countries in the region

27/11/2014 19:16:00

Abadi: We seek to establish strategic relations with all countries in the region

27/11/2014 18:55:00

Two villages liberated north of Muqdadiyah from the IS control

27/11/2014 18:45:00

French aviation bombed the IS targets south and west of Kirkuk, killing and injuring dozens of its elements

27/11/2014 13:33:00

The House Will Extend Its Legislative Term Because of the Budget

27/11/2014 13:29:00

Interior Minister Meets British Ambassador In Baghdad

27/11/2014 13:24:00

OPEC Starts Its Meetings In Vienna

27/11/2014 12:53:00

Maliki Visits Beirut Next Saturday

27/11/2014 12:23:00

17 Bodies Of (IS) Fighters Found Near Zummar, West of Mosul

27/11/2014 11:49:00

Abadi Will Attend At The Parliament On Next Saturday

27/11/2014 11:42:00

Unidentified Body Found Northwest Of Baghdad