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Source: Baghdad ISX
/ 16 / Elements of the IS killed by artillery bombing northeast of Baquba 21/11/2014 22:33:00

Baquba / NINA / A security source announced on Friday the killing of / 16 / elements of the IS organization by artillery bombing targeted the organization sites northeast of Baquba, Diyala province. The source told the National Iraqi News Agenc   ... more>>

The IS elements attack Balad of three axes, and the killing and wounding of 30 civilians 21/11/2014 21:43:00

Tikrit / NINA / The IS elements attacked on Friday evening Balad, south of Tikrit, Salah al-Din province, from three axes. A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that the attack was accompanied by mortar and rockets bombin   ... more>>

/6/ Elements of the IS killed, two others wounded and two others arrested during the liberation of a mosque in Al-Sajriya area east of Ramadi. 21/11/2014 20:14:00

Ramadi / NINA / Six elements of the IS were killed, two others were wounded and two others were captured during the liberation of a mosque in Al-Sajriya area east of Ramadi. A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that th   ... more>>

/15/ Elements of the IS killed in a security operation western Anbar 21/11/2014 20:00:00

Ramadi / NINA / A security source on Friday the killing of /15/ elements of the IS in a security operation western Anbar. The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that the Baghdadi Emergency Regiment carried out an operation in a   ... more>>

US aircraft and its Allies announces carrying out 23 air raids on targets of the IS sites in Iraq 21/11/2014 19:51:00
Breaking News ... Army liberated Al-Mgeberah area between Haditha and Hit and parts of al-Dolab area in Anbar 21/11/2014 18:31:00
A bomb exploded in front of a policeman's house in the small town of Daghara in Al-Qadissiyah 21/11/2014 18:20:00
Four civilians were wounded by a roadside bomb in Kirkuk 21/11/2014 18:15:00
French jets hit the terrorists' sites south and west of Kirkuk 21/11/2014 18:00:00
Violent clashes erupted between army forces and the IS elements east of Fallujah 21/11/2014 17:52:00
Anbar operations: Operations in North And East of Ramadi Ended and Clashes West and South Continuous 21/11/2014 14:18:00
Police Colonel Killed In Clashes With (IS) in Ramadi 21/11/2014 13:25:00
30 Terrorists Killed In Ramadi 21/11/2014 12:52:00
Four Security Elements Killed, 14 Injured In Diyala Province 21/11/2014 12:48:00
Security Forces, Backed by Tribesmen, Clash with Terrorists, East of Ramadi 21/11/2014 12:41:00
Tribesmen Besiege 22 Terrorists In A Mosque in Ramadi 21/11/2014 12:36:00
Islamic State Executes Two Women In Mosul 21/11/2014 12:31:00
International Aircraft Bomb A Camp for (IS) in Mosul 21/11/2014 12:25:00
Breaking News...Fierce Clashes In Ramadi 21/11/2014 12:17:00
Police Free a Kidnapped, Arrest His Captors 21/11/2014 08:37:00
/ 9/ Civilians, including women killed in an airstrike south of Mosul 20/11/2014 23:03:00
/26/ Elements of the IS killed in a military operation in Balad 20/11/2014 20:31:00
(70) Elements of the IS killed in raids by coalition aircraft in Sinjar during the past 24 hours 20/11/2014 20:23:00
The Wali of Baaj and eight of his protections of Arab nationality killed in an airstrike by the international coalition 20/11/2014 19:59:00
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22/11/2014 23:01:00

Al-Jubouri confirms that the Iraqis at home and abroad have rights and the government has to provide what they need

22/11/2014 22:22:00

/ 15/ elements of the IS killed by the Army Aviation North of Dhuluiya in Salah Din

22/11/2014 22:13:00

An IS sniper killed in Dujail

22/11/2014 21:29:00

The Peshmerga repel a new attack for the IS northwest of Kirkuk

22/11/2014 21:08:00

A source close to the Defense Minister: The IS arrested (60) citizens of the relatives of al-Obeidi and lead them to an unknown place

22/11/2014 20:54:00

/ 8 / Elements of the IS killed northeast of Baquba

22/11/2014 20:43:00

Baghdad operations: The destruction of vehicles, two dens for the IS and a number of them killed south of Baghdad

22/11/2014 20:31:00

Six elements of the IS killed in a raid by the coalition forces west of Mosul

22/11/2014 20:23:00

/ 15 / Civilians killed and injured in indiscriminate raids by the international coalition aircraft in Hit western Anbar

22/11/2014 19:42:00

The IS elements execute /18/ people in Al-Sajariya in Anbar

22/11/2014 19:33:00

Security forces supported by the popular crowd and Peshmerga besiege the IS elements in Jalawla and Saadiya in Diyala

22/11/2014 18:30:00

Breaking News .. Liberating Al-Sajriya area east of Ramadi completely

22/11/2014 18:20:00

Salim al-Jubouri up to the Jordanian capital on an official visit

22/11/2014 18:15:00

Army Aviation targeted 7 sites to the IS in al- Saadiya in Diyala

22/11/2014 17:59:00

A man and a woman killed, four others injured in an armed attack northeast of Baquba

22/11/2014 14:54:00

Maliki Adheres to The Conspiracy Theory To The Causes of The Fall of Mosul

22/11/2014 14:38:00

Russia : (IS) External Financial support, oil and drug smuggling, employ for arming and recruiting terrorists

22/11/2014 14:28:00

For the Second Day, Islamic State Attacks Ramadi

22/11/2014 14:22:00

Peshmerga Repel Attack for (IS) In Bashiqa, North Of Mosul

22/11/2014 13:28:00

Mass Grave, includes 50 Bodies of Police and Soldiers, Found In Badush, West of Mosul

22/11/2014 13:22:00

Hakim Meets Army Chief of Staff

22/11/2014 13:04:00

Clans storm Al-Sjaria Area East of Ramadi, Control 70% of It

22/11/2014 12:57:00

US Declares Its Support For Any Move contributes the improvement of relations between Iraq and Turkey

22/11/2014 12:44:00

Islamic State Cuts Off All Communications In Tikrit

22/11/2014 12:39:00

SamarraBalad Road Opened, (IS) Elements Expelled South of Samarra

22/11/2014 12:28:00

Fierce Clashes Between Security Forces and Terrorists of (IS) organization south of Balad

22/11/2014 11:46:00

Security Crackdown Starts In Ramadi

22/11/2014 11:37:00

A security source: Ramadi Witnesses Stable Security After The Withdrawal of Terrorists Outside Its Borders

22/11/2014 11:29:00

Lavrov Discusses With His Saudi Counterpart, Regional and International Efforts to Fight Terrorism

22/11/2014 11:08:00

MP: Parliament Seeks to Pass Important Laws Broken in Previous Legislative Session