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Source: Baghdad ISX
Eight suspects in yesterday's bombings arrested in Diyala.
16/04/2013 11:59:00

Baquba / NINA / A joint force arrested today 16, April eight people suspected of involvement in the bombings yesterday in Diyala.

A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The joint force of police and army launched a series of raids and searches in various places in the province of Diyala, arresting eight suspected of involvement in the bombings that hit different areas in the province yesterday."

He added: "The operation was based on prior intelligence information."

Baghdad and several provinces, including Diyala had seen a series of bombings in car bombs and improvised explosive devices yesterday, which killed and injured dozens. / End

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Peshmerga forces carry out a major offensive to liberate the border between Iraq and Syria. Senior Officer Killed in Clashes In Western Anbar
Peshmerga Source: We Are Advancing To Liberate Rabia Border Villages In Mosul Peshmerga forces Control Snoni Area In Sinjar Fully
Helicopter Kills Three Militants, Northeast Of Baquba 12 Terrorists Killed In Anbar
34 Elements of (IS) Killed in Clashes North of Tikrit The International Coalition Aircraft launched 11 raids on the IS sites in Iraq
Security Council of Kurdistan region announce the killing of Deputy of al-Baghdadi in Mosul Trained forces in Baghdad will join the camps of the Kurdistan region dedicated to the liberation of Mosul
US official: The total number of US soldiers in Iraq will be 3,000 by next February Peshmerga forces controled one of the areas northwest of Mosul
A leader of the IS and / 26 / other elements killed in an airstrike northeast of Baquba One element of the IS killed in an attack by the sons of the tribes south of Kirkuk
/13/ Elements of the IS killed in an air strike south of Tikrit Four elements of the IS killed and wounded in clashes with security forces north east of Baquba
An assassination attempt for the former Director of Education of Zubair in Basra 13 elements of Daash killed in an air strike south of Tikrit.
Four elements of Daash killed and injured in north east of Baquba. Clashes between / Daash / and an armed group in northeast of Fallujah.
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