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Source: Baghdad ISX
BREAKING NEWS 7 Wounded, including police officer, in car bomb explosion south of Tikrit
27/03/2013 21:25:00

Tikrit (NINA) – A car bomb exploded on Wednesday evening, March 27, in Dijla district, south of Tikrit, wounding seven persons, including a police colonel and his daughter.

Security source told NINA that a car bomb parked near the house of police Colonel Kamal Abdullah, exploded seriously wounding the colonel and his daughter as well as five others, in addition to destroying the colonel's two cars and damaging nearby houses. / End.

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Four elements of Daash killed in northeast Baquba. Salahuddin Operations Command: All Baiji Areas Are Safe
An Armed Group Storms Three Flats In Basra, Grabs Money and Gold Gunmen Kill A Civilian West Of Baghdad
Wide Military Operation Launched In Zummar, Of Northern Mosul Security And Defense Committee Hosts Former Leaders To Find Out What Happened In Mosul
A Terrorist, wearing an explosive belt, Arrested and Terrorists Arrested In Western Baghdad Two Terrorists, One Wears Explosive Belt, Killed South of Baghdad
BOC: A Terrorist killed, A Kidnapped Freed, Kidnappers and Wanted men Arrested in Baghdad A suicide bomber delivers himself to the security forces and guides them to the place of the insurgents west of Baghdad
International aircraft bombed a convoy of the IS and destroys 8 vehicles in Tal Afar Three elements of the IS killed in aerial bombardment targeted their vehicle north of Mosul
Baghdad Operations Announces seizing 24 barrels containing high explosives in Amiriyat al-Fallujah /15/ Terrorists killed south of Fallujah
Breaking News .. Baghdad Operations Command announces the arrest of a Syrian suicide bomber near a Husseiniya in Baya BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called on everyone to assume its responsibilities to pass the financial budget in service of the people.
International coalition warplanes bomb two locations to Daash in Anbar. A suicide bomber killed near a checkpoint northeast of Ramadi.
Daash surround a federal police regiment and mobilized fighters west of Ramadi. 21 elements of Daash killed in south of Mosul.
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