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Source: Baghdad ISX
BREAKING NEWS. Wounding of deputy command of Samarra operations, and a member of Sahwa forces by Iraqi army helicopter fire by mistake.
21/01/2013 15:39:00

Tikrit / NINA /--Deputy of Samarra operations Major General Shakir Hillel and a member of Sahwa forces wounded by Iraqi army helicopter fire by mistake during a security exercise in Altharthar area southwest of Samarra today.

A police source in Salahuddin province said to NINA : " Hillel and Sahwa member of Samarra named / Abu Farouq / were moved to a hospital in Baghdad for treatment without giving further details. / End

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Unidentified Found East of Baghdad International Coalition Aircraft Bomb Sites For Daash West Of Anbar
Armed Clashes Erupt Northeast Of Ramadi Peshmerga Denies the Report of Observatory for Human Rights
Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Arrives To Baghdad Five Students in a primary school , a service worker, injured in Nasiriyah
Police Finds An Indentified Body in Baghdad /123/ Elements of the IS killed, and a number of areas liberated in Yathrib
A leader in the IS and two of his aides killed, northeast of Baquba A house in Diwaniya targeted by a sound bomb
Barzani prevents the party work in the Ministry of Peshmerga and directed to change some leaders Minister of the Interior oversees the liberation of a number of areas between the provinces of Diyala, Salahuddin and Balad
The US embassy in Baghdad: The destruction of a large complex to manufacture weapons in Fallujah belongs to the IS Ground Forces Commander inspects the Island Operations and the Desert and the seventh Division and get acquainted with the progress of ongoing operations in Anbar
The International Coalition aircraft perform 6 strikes on the ISIS sites in Iraq, and another 6 airstrikes in Syria Security forces liberated Albu Assaf area near al-Ishaqi
More than / 60 / families displaced from Muqdadiyah because of the mortars of the IS organization Defense Minister and Iranian Ambassador discuss threats to Iraq by the IS
The destruction of a large complex to manufacture weapons in Fallujah belonging to Daash. Daash caught more than 750 families near the Baghdadi county in Anbar.
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