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Source: Baghdad ISX
Civilian killed, another wounded south of Falluja
20/11/2012 22:04:00

Ramadi (NINA) One civilian killed and another wounded when an improvised explosive device emplaced in their car went off on Tuesday, Nov. 20, south of Falluja district, Anbar province.

Security source told NINA that an improvised explosive device went off inside a car, in Ni'aimiya area, killing one civilian passenger and wounding another.

He pointed out that security forces closed roads leading to the area and started a search for the attackers. / End.

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A source close to the Defense Minister: The IS arrested (60) citizens of the relatives of al-Obeidi and lead them to an unknown place / 8 / Elements of the IS killed northeast of Baquba
Baghdad operations: The destruction of vehicles, two dens for the IS and a number of them killed south of Baghdad Six elements of the IS killed in a raid by the coalition forces west of Mosul
/ 15 / Civilians killed and injured in indiscriminate raids by the international coalition aircraft in Hit western Anbar The IS elements execute /18/ people in Al-Sajariya in Anbar
Security forces supported by the popular crowd and Peshmerga besiege the IS elements in Jalawla and Saadiya in Diyala Breaking News .. Liberating Al-Sajriya area east of Ramadi completely
Army Aviation targeted 7 sites to the IS in al- Saadiya in Diyala A man and a woman killed, four others injured in an armed attack northeast of Baquba
For the Second Day, Islamic State Attacks Ramadi Peshmerga Repel Attack for (IS) In Bashiqa, North Of Mosul
Mass Grave, includes 50 Bodies of Police and Soldiers, Found In Badush, West of Mosul Clans storm Al-Sjaria Area East of Ramadi, Control 70% of It
Islamic State Cuts Off All Communications In Tikrit SamarraBalad Road Opened, (IS) Elements Expelled South of Samarra
Fierce Clashes Between Security Forces and Terrorists of (IS) organization south of Balad Security Crackdown Starts In Ramadi
A security source: Ramadi Witnesses Stable Security After The Withdrawal of Terrorists Outside Its Borders Baghdad Operations Command: Three Kidnapped Freed, Their Kidnappers Arrested
22/11/2014 21:08:00
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